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The Story of Regius

The Latin Regius denotes of a ‘King’. We present you a regal smoking experience: to enjoy a hand-made King of Cigars.

Gaius Petronius Arbiter (AD27) was a Roman writer and courtier for Emperor Nero who devoted himself to a life of pleasure. Yet far from being an ordinary, vulgar profligate, he became known as an accomplished voluptuary. Showing capacity for outrageous indulgence, he was looked upon by Nero to be the absolute authority on questions of taste (arbiter elegantiae), especially with the science of alchemy.

In his memory we bring you ‘Regius’. The alchemy of cultivating and blending the finest aged tobacco to achieve the best possible taste, an even burning quality and elegant aromas.

We invite you to be arbiter elegantiae, the judge of elegance, of our beautifully hand crafted and flavoursome creations.


Tobacco has been described by many as a ´fussy mistress´. The plant likes sunlight but not too much sunlight and rain but not too much rain. Without the perfect climate and proper care the beautiful leaves can fall prey to many ailments. But with love and devotion, the leaves when fermented, aged and burned can produce the most exquisite taste and aroma which we have captured in our cigars. In our cigars we use tobacco from all over Nicaragua, from all parts of the plant and from a variety of years. Finished with our exclusive shade grown wrappers, we blend several different vitolas for our connoisseurs.

In the beginning, the soil is checked by a laboratory to ensure it contains the necessary minerals to produce the highest quality tobacco.


After the leaves are harvested, they are then aged in tobacco barns, giving them the rich brown colour and complex flavour they deserve. We then cure the leaves further in the factory under controlled conditions to create a more rounded and balanced taste.In time, (we use tobaccos up to 15 years old) the leaves are ready to be de-veined and rolled by the most skilful craftsmen and women into some of the finest cigars available today.

We are not finished yet. Each cigar, before the coveted and fragrant wrapper is applied, is tested by a draw machine (right) to ensure the quality of our cigars is unparalleled. In addition each cigar is checked by hand, by a blender of over 50 years experience and his young team, to ensure an even burn and tobacco quality.

Finally the cigars have their bands applied and are boxed, ready to be enjoyed, returning into the air and the earth from where they came.

We bring you an unrivaled smoking experience.