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Exclusivo U.S.A.

The Exclusivo U.S.A. combines a traditional and nuanced flavour with a steady progression with contemporary shapes and sizes.

Each blend is crafted for its respective size, to achieve the optimum flavour and complexity. The concept is a true fusion of the old and new schools of cigar making, taking the best of both in order to create a truly unique experience.

** This product is for sale in the United States only.


Fat Perfecto

5 ¾ x 60 x 54

As the cigar widens and progresses, the bouquet of flavours and aromas really open. The range of flavours displayed are the most nuanced, if not the strongest in the range.


Pressed Perfecto

6 ½ x 54

This cigar has an intensity resulting from the box press, and the close foot means that the tobacco ages slower. The tobacco used in this cigar is well fermented before rolling as the cigar doesn’t “breathe”, and it ages in a unique fashion.


Toro Extra

6 ½ x 56

This cigar is a more full bodied blend which develops in flavour, reaching a crescendo two-thirds of the way through. Smooth until the end, the cigar is long, rich and satisfying.


Lancero Extra

7 ½ x 40

The length of this cigar ensures that this cigar exhibits the most marked progression between each third of the cigar. The slightly larger ring guage than the traditional lancero enables a slightly warmer, full bodied and smoother taste than would otherwise be possible.

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