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Black Label Cigars



7 x 47

This cigar is a versatile, medium bodied blend for those long afternoons and evenings. Perfect with your favourite wine or spirit, it achieves a delicate combination of complexity and a satisfying balance to fulfil even the most discerning of palates.



4 ⅞ x 50

This cigar is a more full-bodied creation and is consistent with being the preferred vitola of true cigar aficionados. The taste is perfectly smooth and the smoke lingers on the palate creating a beautiful, rich aftertaste.



5 ⅛ x 42

This cigar has a light medium body. A charming accompaniment to the taste of coffee, it has a sweet aroma and creamy texture.


Lord Madsen

6 x 38

This cigar has a light body, aimed at those who prefer a subtle taste and aroma. It has an elegant flavour, with hints of coffee and hazelnut overtones. The cigar is named in honour of a cigar loving ‘elegance arbiter’.


Petit Robusto

4 x 50

Medium in body, this cigar is created for those who prefer a vibrant taste and aroma. It has an elegant flavour, a slight sweetness and hints of coffee overtones. The Petit Robusto produces a warm smoke with great aftertaste.


Gran Toro

6 ½ x 56

This cigar is a medium bodied blend that produces a luxurious and creamy smoke. It is perfectly balanced with a slight hint of sweetness and wood undertones. It delivers a level of complexity with a creamy aftertaste.